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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do at the globe and Mail?

We build tools for the newsroom; we analyze and visualize complex datasets; we develop immersive, interactive experiences; we use photography, video and design to tell beautiful stories for phones, screens and newspapers. Explore some of our award-winning work, and always feel free to get in touch . FROM THE GLOBE AND MAIL PHOTO ARCHIVE.

Who is Margaret Wente in the globe and Mail?

Margaret Wente. Margaret Wente is one of Canada's leading columnists. As a writer for The Globe and Mail, she provokes heated debate with her views on health care, education, and social issues. She is a winner of the National Newspaper Award for column-writing.

Who is The Globe and Mail's Africa correspondent?

Geoffrey York is The Globe and Mail's Africa correspondent. He has been a foreign correspondent for the newspaper since 1994, including seven years as the Moscow Bureau Chief and seven years as the Beijing Bureau Chief. Nathan VanderKlippe is the Asia correspondent for The Globe and Mail.

What is the role of a Globe journalist?

Globe journalists play a vital role in our democracy. They shine a bright light on the events, people and policies that affect Canadians at home and overseas.

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