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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Samsung Email app faster than the Gmail app?

In fact, I picked the Samsung Email app over Gmail app because the Exchange push was way way faster than the Gmail one. I get the new email notification in about 5 seconds or less. Can't pinch and zoom with the Gmail app so it's the default all the way with me. The new update allows for pinch and zoom as well as swipe to delete or archive.

Is Samsung Email app mapped with Gmail app?

If Samsung email App is mapped with Gmail app then u will get always as it is user experience, otherwise u have to compromise on usability.

Does Gmail work on Android?

It is also integrated with other Google services, which work well on Android devices and is simple to add multiple Gmail accounts to one device . For users with multiple email accounts, Gmail is compatible with services like and Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP or POP email accounts.

Is Gmail a privacy issue?

Because Gmail is a Google app, some users have privacy concerns associated with the depth of user information Google collects. Advertisements, though well-designed, are increasingly more present in Gmail. Gmail is the most frequently used email app with Android devices, and for good reason.

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