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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Go Kart World?

An amusement center that boasts several outdoor tracks and a live track cam, Go Kart World takes the racing experience to a land of adventure. With a restaurant onsite and banquet rooms for parties, Go Kart World has so much more to offer than just an arcade.

Are Birel ART go-karts any good?

These Birel ART go-karts offer great safety features and have enough power for even the most experienced kart racers. Moreover, Prairie City Kart Track also provides fuel, tires and oil if required. They also have junior and cadet karts for kids, as well as shifter 80cc karts for ages 15+.

Where can I Go Go-Karting in California?

Another great location for go-karting in California is at Bakersfield Kart Raceway. Located on the Alfred Harrell Highway, the facility is easily accessible. It features a great outdoor kart track that has plenty of challenging twists and turns.

How tall do you have to be to go karting?

In addition to offering go karting for adults, they also offer junior karts for kids, but you must be 48″ tall to start your engines. Whether you’re an experienced racer, or just a newbie, they welcome everyone to compete as well.

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