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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a gray fox usually live?

The life span of the Gray fox is quite long, they live an average of 16 years but that can increase to about 20 years if they are brought up in captivity. Like their parents, the young are ready to mate when they are about one year of age. The Gray Fox is a species that is found in many locations around North America.

How does a gray fox get its food?

In summer, the gray fox devours such foods as blackberries, corn, grasshoppers, persimmons, crickets and acorns. As fall approaches, it will eat all sorts of nuts. In the winter, small mammals comprise the bulk of the diet. The gray fox eats squirrels, rats and rabbits, along with mice and voles, when the weather turns colder.

What is the life cycle of a gray fox?

Life Cycle. The Gray Fox mates in February or March, bearing young in April or May -- a gestation period of about 51 days. The 3 to 7 pups are dark brown in color; they are born blind and remain so for about 10 days. The young venture out of the den after about 5 weeks, and are usually weaned by 10 weeks.

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