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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I having groin and hip pain only going up the stairs?

I am having groin and hip pain only going up the stairs ? causes? Hip djd psaos tendon: Psoas tendonitis or hip DJD see pcp then ortho if needed. Most likely some : Arthritis with a certain increased body load or force across hip joints when stair climbing versus lower load with walking level surfaces or going down stairs.

What are the common causes of groin pain?

Common causes of groin pain 1 Groin strain. Any of the muscles in your groin can become strained. ... 2 Hip labral tear. The hip labrum is the semicontinuous rim of cartilage that lines the outside of your hip joint socket. 3 Hip impingement. ... 4 Inguinal hernia. ... 5 Osteoarthritis. ... 6 Tendinitis. ...

Why do I have pain climbing stairs?

If pain is getting in the way of climbing stairs, Wickham says you likely have issues with your knees, hips and/or ankles. "The most common areas with pain or injury is your knees," he says. Knee pain is caused by numerous factors such as a traumatic injury or repetitive wear and tear of the joints due to poor mobility.

What are the treatment options for groin pain?

Treatment options for groin pain For conditions such as a hip labral tear, tendinitis, or osteoarthritis, an injection of steroid into the hip may help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Physical therapy may help strengthen your injured muscle and increase the range of motion in the affected area.

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