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Frequently Asked Questions

What is group work in Social Work Practice?

While historically social casework and social diagnosis have been the predominant model of social work practice in health care coordination and provision, group work has played an important role in health promotion and the assessment and treatment of diseases and disorders within health care settings.

What is group care according to ward Ward?

Ward (2007:13) describes group care as “a place that people attend for some form of organised and purposeful social work help on either a daily or a residential basis”. Group care can be distinguished from other methods of social work practice such as fieldwork, group work or community development.

How do social workers respond to service users in group care?

Social workers in a group care setting have more time to get to know each service user on an individual basis. Therefore, they are able to sense when something is wrong by observing changes in behaviour and body language. Schulman (1999) discusses how it is important to be able to pick up indirect cues of service users and respond to them directly.

What is the role of workers in working in group care?

Workers can then address the situation and provide the service user them with an opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings. Key issuesWard (2007) highlights three key issues that present themselves when working in group care.

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