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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the US expect from Guyana’s anti-corruption initiatives?

The United States anticipates anti-corruption initiatives from Guyana, according to Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch, who says a “strong” stance will demonstrate the government’s commitment to transparent institutions that utilize the country’s resources to the long-term benefit for all Guyanese.

What is Mr Guyana-India contest?

The Miss Guyana-India franchise will, for the first time, host the Mr Guyana-India contest that will feature young Guyanese Indian cultured men. For this... The Miss India Guyana franchise has officially unveiled ten delegates who will be competing for the coveted title.

Is the government of Guyana re-commencing cabinet outreaches?

THE Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a strong statement on September 7 in which it made its position pellucidly … THE People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration has re-commenced an earlier governance style of Cabinet outreaches, the most recent of which was done in Region …

Can Guyana Power and light afford to pay public servants 7%?

In the face of a request by the workers’ union that Guyana Power and Light (GPL) match the 7% increase being paid to public servants, the utility company’s Chief Executive Officer Bharrat Dindyal yesterday said it simply could not afford it.

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