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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is New Hampshire so important in politics?

New Hampshire. It plays an important role in national elections, as it is the first state to holdnational primaries, and its primary results are thought to influence those in the rest of the nation, giving rise to the saying “As New Hampshire goes, so goes the nation.” It is the site of the White Mountains and the famed Mount Washington,...

What breed is Hampshire?

Various breeds are farmed in and around Hampshire and mixing of various breeds have eventually developed into this breed named Hampshire sheep. Hampshire Sheep breed is a combination of Southdown, Wiltshire, Berkshire knot as well as Old Hampshire. The Hampshire Sheep breed is a large breed that has got an open face.

When is peak leaf season in NH?

All of New Hampshire should be in peak foliage season by the second week of October. That's when the North Shore of Massachusetts will also have entered peak season. Columbus Day weekend is a top time to take in foliage from around New England.

What is the New Hampshire retirement system?

The New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS) is a contributory defined benefit plan qualified as a tax exempt organization under Sections 401 (a) and 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code. The public employee pension plan provides retirement, disability, and death protection to its members and their beneficiaries.

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