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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hanabi still stronger than Hinata?

Compared to Hinata's strength, is a lot weaker. Because Hinata Fusion is Kami's Servant, strength is already very terrifying, even if Otsutsuki Kaguya comes, it can be defeated. It can be said. The current Hinata is Hinata, the strength is terrifying. However, Naruto was still worried about Hinata, so he took out a new ...

Is Hinata Hyuga dead in 'Boruto'?

Hinata dies in Boruto, while in Naturo she still lives. She dies while protecting her husband and son at the time of the destruction of Konoha. Naruto and Hinata both disappear while defending Boruto. She is not killed by Pain in Naruto due to the fact she was healed and resurrected.

How old is Hanabi in Naruto?

Taking all that into calculation, we conclude that Naruto is about 31 years old during the currently​ ongoing series, Boruto. And Hinata is about the same age as Naruto. Also, Hiashi has previously mentioned that Hanabi is 5 years younger than her sister Hinata. So Hanabi must be about 26 years old right now.

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