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Frequently Asked Questions

What does himself vs hisself mean?

Himself is a reflexive pronoun that refers back to a male subject of a sentence or clause. Him self is a variant that should be avoided.

Do we use "himself" or "hisself"?

In Standard American English, we might say "himself" and in AAVE "hisslef" is commonly used, as you point out. Likewise, SAE prefers "themselves" while AAVE prefers "theirselves." Dialects that use these nonstandard reflexive pronouns are, in fact, more in line with grammatical rules than the standard.

Is it himself or hisself?

Himself is a pronoun that is used to reference a male (either human or animal) that has previously been mentioned in the text. It is reflexive. ... Hisself is listed as a dialectal variation for himself.

What does hisself mean?

1 Answer. "Hisself" is the speaker trying to say "his" and "self" together as one word, when really the grammatically correct term is "himself.". "Nuff" is a shortened version of "enough", without the 'e' sound at the beginning. 'To cough up money' is an idiom that means to find enough money to pay someone with.

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