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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hitman Holla and what is his real name?

GERALD Fulton Jr., who famously goes by the stage name Hitman Holla, made headlines in December 2021 after a video of him went viral. The video allegedly came from one of his "close friends" who screen recorded it from his private story and leaked it online.

What happened to Hitman Holla’s girlfriend cinnamon?

Roommates, please keep Hitman Holla from “Wild N’ Out” and his girlfriend Cinnamon in your prayers. He shared that she was shot after four people broke inside their home We wish her a speedy recovery Hitman Holla’s girlfriend Cinnamon speaks out after he revealed that intruders entered their home and shot her.

What is Hitman Holla net worth in 2021?

As of 2021, Hitman Holla is estimated to hold a net worth of around $500k. Hitman is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Cinnamon. Likewise, his girlfriend has her online shopping and retail store called CINNY.

Who is hithitman?

Hitman is best known as a battle rapper in the SMACK/URL circuit, and a recurring contestant on Wild 'N Out. He first appeared on the show in Season 6, but has been active in the music scene since 2008.

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