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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the hour of code mean?

The Hour of Code is an initiative that takes place during CSEd Week (the second week of December) where everyone is encouraged to try programming for at least one hour. The idea behind the movement is very similar to getting a child to try a new food.

Who is behind the hour of code?

Hadi Partovi, co-founder of The organization is behind the Hour of Code campaign that is encouraging people "age six to 96" to learn the basics of writing a computer program in...

What is one hour of coding?

Hour of Code is a one-hour, introductory class in coding and computer science taking place at thousands of locations around the world in December every year. At Coding with Kids, we host Hour of Code at several elementary schools in the greater Seattle area.

What are the send hour code definitions?

What are the send hour code definitions? The send hour is relevant when you have send time optimization enabled. The send hour specifies the best time to email a particular contact based on when they generally open emails. The following table shows the codes used in the field. Table 1. Send hour codes; User's time

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