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Frequently Asked Questions

What are potential complications of aortic dissection?

Possible complications of aortic dissection include: Death due to severe internal bleeding; Organ damage, such as kidney failure or life-threatening intestinal damage; Stroke; Aortic valve damage (aortic regurgitation) or rupture into the lining around the heart (cardiac tamponade) Prevention. You can reduce your risk of an aortic dissection by ...

How serious is a torn aorta?

The condition is generally fatal in most of the cases because of the excessive internal bleeding as a result of the rupture. The aorta is the main blood vessel which carries blood out of your heart.

Can aortic dissection be fatal?

Aortic dissection, a potentially fatal condition, can be caused by airbags or seat belts in serious and high-speed car accidents. Aortic dissection can also potentially occur when a victim’s chest experiences considerable trauma, for example when hitting the steering wheel or dashboard in an accident.

How serious is abdominal aortic dissection?

This generates a weakening in the aortic wall with a potential for rupture. Aortic dissection can be a life-threatening emergency. The most commonly reported symptom of an aortic dissection is sudden, severe, constant chest or upper back pain, sometimes described as "ripping" or "tearing." The pain may move from one place to another.

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