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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Excel Offset function and how to use it?

Offset function is an information retrieval function. If you have a huge table containing certain data and you want to retrieve data from it, the best way to do it is insert an offset formula for the table in that worksheet or another sheet in the same workbook. Thus, once you have created the offset retrieval table, you simply have to enter ...

What is the formula for Excel match?

Match formula can be written as: MATCH(lookup_value, range, match_type) Here: ‘lookup_value’ signifies the value to be searched in the array. ‘range’ is the array of values on which you want to perform a match.

How to find and replace exact match in Excel?

Excel has excellent built-in Find and Find & Replace tools. They can be activated with the shortcuts CTRL + F (Find) or CTRL + H (Replace) or through the Ribbon: Home > Editing > Find & Select. By clicking Options, you can see advanced search options: You can easily access both the Find and Replace methods using VBA.

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