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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hub?

The HUB is designed to help HISD teachers do more in less time and personalize instruction for students. From planning and delivering course work to assessing and reporting student progress, teachers are pulled in different directions.

How do I use hub service?

Service Description: HUB Students use HUB to register for class, pay bills and apply for degrees. Faculty may view classes and grade students. Administrative staff set up courses, process financial aid and student bills. Log into HUB through MyUB

What are the characteristics of a network hub?

Network hubs are a Layer 1 device according to the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model. This signifies that they operate solely at the physical layer, as opposed to a software application. These hubs operate by forwarding packets of information to all other computers connected to the device.

What is the root hub in Device Manager?

In the Device Manager, the root hub is your computer and the first USB hub. Another example of a hub is a FireWire hub, which allows multiple FireWire devices to connect to a computer. Devices like an A/B box and a KVM are like a hub in that they allow multiple devices to work with one computer.

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