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Who is Hunter Biden and why is the government investigating him?

In December 2020, Hunter Biden disclosed that the federal government was investigating his overseas business dealings, after The Post reported he helped arrange a 2015 meeting between his father and his Ukrainian energy firm executive boss — whom the elder Biden later helped shield from investigation.

Will there be a fourth investigation into the Biden family?

A fourth investigation into the Biden family has launched. It originated from information sent by Rudy Giuliani to Bill Barr. None of these probes may amount to anything because the Bidens did nothing wrong, or it will be covered up.

Was Hunter Biden involved in the Burisma case?

The Ukrainian prosecutor's office continued to examine Burisma under Shokin's successor, Yuriy Lutsenko, but Lutsenko clarified that the cause of concern was a transaction unrelated to Hunter Biden and stated that there was no evidence of wrongdoing by either Hunter or Joe Biden.

Was Hunter Biden involved in suspicious foreign bank transfers before 2018?

Rudy Giuliani provided the information for the fourth.’ Hunter Biden was involved in ongoing suspicious multimillion-dollar foreign bank transfers before the Justice Department opened a criminal investigation in 2018 into whether he dodged federal taxes.

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