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Did Hunter Biden demand $2 million retainer to unlock Libyan assets?

Hunter Biden reportedly demanded a $2 million retainer plus “success fees” to unlock Libyan assets frozen by the Obama-Biden administration, according to newly discovered emails obtained by Business Insider. Though President Joe Biden has claimed ignorance about Hunter’s family business schemes, the emails suggest otherwise.

Did Hunter Biden try to shake down Libya?

Like father, like son. Hunter Biden learned well from his father and tried to shake down Libya for $2 million plus ‘success fees’ while Joe Biden was US Vice President.

Did Joe Biden’s son try to shakedown Libya to ‘unfreeze’ $30 billion?

According to new emails obtained by Business Insider – unrelated to Hunter’s abandoned laptop – Joe Biden’s son tried to shakedown Libya to help them “unfreeze” up to $30 billion in foreign assets in 2015. The assets had been frozen by the Obama administration in 2011 during Gaddafi’s rule.

Did Joe Biden’s lawyer hire a different law firm for Libya?

Lawyer Sandweg confirmed to Business Insider he was communicating with the Biden team about unlocking assets in Libya. “They indicated they would consider it and I passed the message back,” Sandweg told the publication. “Jauhari wound up hiring a different law firm instead.”

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