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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Hunter Biden’s art worth?

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, recently started painting and has agreed to put some of his art up for sale in a gallery, some of which may fetch as much as $500,000. ART GALLERY TO MOVE FORWARD WITH HUNTER BIDEN’S EXHIBITION DESPITE N-WORD TEXT MESSAGE SCANDAL “How much of that value is due to the art itself?

Is there any art like Joe Biden's?

That's because there is a lot of art out there that looks a bit like Biden's. Abstract, pretty, well-made. But also a bit overloaded with ideas that aren't well integrated into the work itself. Would you call this kind of art a genre?

Why does Hunter Biden paint?

Cillizza: In an interview earlier this year with Artnet, Hunter Biden said he paints "to bring forth, what is, I think, the universal truth." What do you make of his work, seen through that light?

Why is Hunter Hunter's art up for auction?

Hunter's art has, of late, received a lot of attention -- for all the wrong reasons. Some of his pieces are set to go up for auction and the White House has been forced to deal with ethics questions about people buying the artwork for huge sums as a way to curry favor with President Joe Biden.

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