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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word inevitable means?

Inevitable: impossible to avoid or evade. Synonyms: certain, ineluctable, ineludible… Antonyms: avoidable, evadable, uncertain… Find the right word.

How do you use inevitable in a sentence?

incapable of being avoided or evaded. Examples of Inevitable in a sentence. Since Mary never wears shoes, it was inevitable that she would get a piece of glass in her foot. The changing of the seasons is an inevitable aspect of the Earth’s climate.

What is a sentence using inevitable?

inevitable in a sentence 1. It was inevitable that there would be job losses. 2. 35. Example Sentences for "inevitable" The inevitability of death is a fact that we must all face at some point in our livesIt was inevitable that Pat would get injured because of his interest in extreme sports.

What is the meaning of 'inevitably'?

1. inevitably - in such a manner as could not be otherwise; "it is necessarily so"; "we must needs by objective". needs, of necessity, necessarily. 2. inevitably - by necessity; "the situation slid inescapably toward disaster ". ineluctably, inescapably, unavoidably.

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