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Frequently Asked Questions

What does insemination mean?

The act of impregnating (making pregnant) someone or thing. Insemination is the deliberate introduction of sperm into a female animal or plant for the purpose of impregnating or fertilizing the female for reproduction. The sperm is introduced into the uterus of a mammal or the oviduct of an oviparous animal.

What does inseminated mean?

The introduction of semen into the reproductive tract of a female either through sexual intercourse or through use of an instrument such as a syringe in the process known as artificial insemination. A sowing of seed; the act of inseminating. The act of impregnating (making pregnant) someone or thing.

What is meant by artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination is a fertility treatment method used to deliver sperm directly to the cervix or uterus in the hopes of getting pregnant. Sometimes, these sperm are washed or “prepared” to increase the likelihood a woman will get pregnant.

What is IUI or artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination, also known as intrauterine insemination (IUI), is a medical procedure in which a man’s sperm is implanted in a woman’s uterus at precisely the right time and in precisely the right location in order to increase the chances of pregnancy.While it is usually used in conjunction with fertility medicine in women, this is not always the case.

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