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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination typically costs between $300 and $500 per attempt. The typical success rate is 10 to 20 percent, so five to ten attempts could be required. However, success can vary widely by individual, age and cause of infertility; some patients never achieve a pregnancy through artificial insemination.

How much intrauterine insemination really costs?

Your specific cost and insurance coverage may vary. Without ovulation induction, the base cost of intrauterine insemination sits at around $650 per round. This makes IUI quite affordable at face value. However, the true cost depends on why your family is seeking traditional IUI.

How much does artificial insemination or IUI cost?

IUI costs $500 - $4,000 depending on: which drugs get used in concert with IUI (gonadotropin, Clomid etc), whether monitoring is done ($500 - $1,000) and whether a second IUI will be performed on successive days. Ultimately, it requires about $10,000 - $40,000 of IUI costs to deliver one live birth.

Is artificial insemination expensive?

Artificial insemination cost varies The cost of artificial insemination varies according to whether a couple is using their sperm or a donor sperm and which procedure is being used. Most doctors report that the cost is anywhere from about $300 – $1000 per cycle for intrauterine insemination and less for intracervical insemination.

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