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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Invitae legit?

Vitae is a big scam ! Not officially, but it is. They promise millions dollars of benefit by a rewarding social media platform that nobody knows. (and will never know to my opinion) But in order to see this enormous amount of income, first, you have to pay 200$ monthly to be an upgraded member.

Does Invitae offer genetic counseling?

Yes. A genetic counseling session is available to every patient who undergoes testing at Invitae for hereditary conditions associated with cancer, cardiology, ophthalmology, proactive health screens, and reproductive health. Learn more on the Clinical Support Services webpage. Is there a charge for Invitae’s genetic counseling services?

Will health insurance cover the costs of genetic testing?

Most health insurance plans will cover the cost of genetic testing when recommended by a physician. However, all coverage and reimbursement is subject to Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payer benefit plans. Therefore, ASCO strongly encourages you to verify with the patient’s insurer to understand what type of services will be covered.

What is the Invitae Patient Assistance Program?

patient assistance program Invitae may be able to offer testing at limited or no expense to those who qualify through our Patient Assistance Program. Learn more in the "Financial assistance" section below.

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