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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Raven's home renewed for Season 6?

Latest Episode Aired Fri 12/2/2022 A Country Cousin Christmas Season 5: Episode 25 Raven’s Home is has been renewed for a sixth season on Disney Channel. RAVEN’S HOME Season 6 Confirmed for 2023!

Is Raven's home on Disney Channel?

The third season of Raven’s Home on Disney Channel is averaging a 0.12 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 513,000 viewers. Compared to season two, that’s down by 31% and 38%, respectively.

Is Raven's home worth watching?

Raven's Home is a breath of fresh & familiar air! Raven's Home & it's making us 25yrs+ viewers feeling the joy of simpler times! The show is really great & has the same "Friends can be family & stick together" attitude that was captured in That's So Raven! There have been a few reboots recently like this..

Is Raven's home going through a shakeup?

The upcoming season will make major changes to the original cast. Goodbye Chelsea, Nia, Tess, and Levi. As a fan of Raven’s Home, I’m glad the comedy series is coming back for a fifth outing. But the news about the original cast going through a major shakeup took me by surprise. And not the good kind.

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