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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ishikawa diagram and how to use it?

The Ishikawa Diagram, also known as Cause and Effect Diagram and also as Fishbone Diagram is one of the 7 tools that make up the quality. Basically it is a tool that aims to organize the rationale in identifying root causes of problems. It relates the effect to be analyzed with the most influential causes.

Who is Kaoru Ishikawa?

Kaoru Ishikawa is best known for developing the F ishbone diagram, also called Ishikawa diagram. Fishbone diagrams are usually created during a meeting or meeting and drawn on a flipchart or whiteboard.

What is a fishbone diagram and how to use it?

Ishikawa Diagram otherwise known as Fishbone diagram is one of the tools most commonly used by Quality Professionals. The purpose of this tool is to list down ALL the potential root causes leading to a problem. Thus it is one of the important tools used for problem solving methods like DMAIC, PDCA, and many other projects.

What is a cause and effect diagram?

Also known as a Cause and Effect diagram, or Ishikawa diagram. The method was created by Kaoru Ishikawa in the 1960’s. He created it to help employees avoid solutions that merely address the symptoms of a much larger problem.

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