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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Technology at Siena?

Our Mission is to provide a robust technology infrastructure which supports and enhances the overall mission of Siena College. We recognize that technology is not just computers and we endeavor to provide the following: A communications infrastructure that encourages sharing of information and ideas.

What is the Siena College System?

A set of systems and applications that support the administrative functions of the college which provide the data needed to support informed decision-making. People based support and assistance to enable everyone in the Siena community to take advantage of the resources we provide.

Does Sienna Miller have a YouTube channel?

She has a personal channel called Super Sienna, which features game-related content. She and her sister Mia also have a secondary channel called the Fizz Sisters. Her parents Georgie and Darren also star on their Family Fizz YouTube channel. She has a younger sister named Karma and a younger brother named Koa .

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