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Frequently Asked Questions

What do June bugs do during the day?

All June bugs, with the exception of the Green June bug, are inactive during the day and spend their time hiding amongst weeds or grass. They appear in the evenings and are particularly drawn to sources of light. Females give off a sex pheromone to attract the males, and will mate to begin a new life cycle of June bugs. What Do They Eat?

Where do June Bugs come from?

June bugs are commonly found in North America, especially the north east, as well as eastern Canada, and some countries in South America. True to their name, they are only usually evident in the months of May and June with adults dying off in the late summer until newly hatched adults reemerge once again the following May.

What eats a June Grub?

Once hatched, the parasitic wasp will eat the grub to continue its life cycle. Natural predators of June bugs include frogs, snakes, and lizards. Encouraging these creatures to live in your garden with the use of a water source or a small shelter can help to keep June bug infestations at bay.

How long do June bugs live for?

The larval stage can last several years with some types of June bug producing a new generation every four years (although generations will overlap to ensure the existence of new June bugs every year). Other types of June bug will produce new generations annually.

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