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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a June Bug?

The name " June bug " refers to any of the 100 species of beetles that are related to the scarabs familiar from ancient Egyptian iconography. Other common names for the June bug include "June beetle" and "May beetle." The common June bug is one-half to five-eighths inches long and reddish-brown in color.

Why are June Bugs attracting to my home?

Even light from your home's interior can attract June bugs in large numbers. The sound of June bugs bumping and buzzing against window screens is closely associated with summer in many parts of the United States. Scientists are still undecided on the precise explanation for this behavior.

How to get rid of June Bugs?

June bugs are very annoying and cause destruction to vegetation and crops. If you want to get rid of them, use insecticides that mix with the soil. To kill June bugs, you have to destroy their eggs and grubs. Another traditional method is placing an open jar with a white light at its mouth.

What time of day do June bugs eat?

They feed from dusk through the evening hours in order to avoid predators. Where does the name June bug come from? June bugs derive their name from the fact that adult June bugs emerge from the soil at the end of spring or the beginning of the summer. Females bury their eggs just below the soil surface.

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