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Frequently Asked Questions

What are June bugs and what are they for?

They are commonly referred to as 'backyard pests', as they destroy vegetation , and their larvae eat up the roots of plants. These bugs are nocturnal and are attracted to light. June bugs can fly; you'll see swarms of these near street lamps.

Do "June Bugs" really bite?

Unlike other insects, June bugs do not bite people and have no interest in attacking us. If you feel a tiny pinch when a June bug lands on you, that is not a bit by an accidental pinch by the spines on their legs. "It is better to be a young june-bug than an old bird of paradise." - Mark Twain

Why are June bugs called June Bugs?

June bugs are grubs or you may call them as young ones of beetles. Beetles when they are young are called as June bugs. They can destroy your garden by eating up the roots of your plants or the organic material of your garden thus deteriorating it.

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