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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth (novel) Juneteenth is Ralph Ellison 's second novel, published posthumously in 1999 as a 368-page condensation of over 2000 pages written by him over a period of forty years. It was originally written without any real organization, and Ellison's longtime friend, biographer and critic John F.

What happened to the original manuscript of Juneteenth?

Ellison began work on his second novel around 1954, following the publication of Invisible Man. Ellison claimed to be devastated when part of the original manuscript of Juneteenth was destroyed by a fire in 1967.

What is junjuneteenth all about?

Juneteenth is Ralph Ellison's posthumous follow-up to Invisible Man. It's about a senator, Bliss, who is shot on the senate floor, and the African-American man, Hickman, who raised him. It's also about identity and how the way we identify ourselves affects our actions and how we treat others.

What are the best books about Juneteenth?

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