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Frequently Asked Questions

Do FedEx deliver on Juneteenth 2021?

Do FedEx, USPS and UPS deliver on Juneteenth 2021? JUNETEENTH officially became a federal holiday on June 17 after President Joe Biden signed the legislation into law. Juneteenth is celebrated yearly on June 19, but since the date falls on Saturday this year, the federal holiday was observed on Friday, June 18, 2021.

Is mail delivered on Juneteenth?

Despite Juneteenth now being a federal holiday, mail will still be delivered on Friday and Saturday because the postal offices did not have enough time to prepare for a schedule change. The U.S. Postal Service is fully supportive of the new Juneteenth National Independence Day Act and making June 19 a federal holiday.

Is Juneteenth a federal holiday?

To amend title 5, United States Code, to designate Juneteenth National Independence Day as a legal public holiday. Juneteenth is a federal holiday in the United States. For decades, activists and congress members (led by many African Americans) proposed legislation, advocated for, and built support for state and national observances.

Will the post office be closed on Juneteenth?

The post office is typically closed on federal holidays, but will mail service have time to be suspended when Juneteenth was just declared a holiday? June 19 was just declared a federal holiday on Thursday, June 17. So understandably, there was some confusion about whether or not mail would be delivered on June 18 or June 19.

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