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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Packer move from Oxford to Vancouver?

In 1979, James Houston, who had been friends with Packer since their undergraduate days at Oxford, invited him to join the faculty at Regent College at Vancouver. Packer eventually accepted the position, which would allow him to teach without administrative duties, and his family made the transatlantic relocation.

Who is Dr Packer?

Dr. Packer was my thesis advisor at Regent College and a big reason why I became a bi-vocational Anglican priest in the Anglican Church in North America. Not only was he a top-rank scholar but he was also a deep man of God with a devotional heart.

Who was the first to ask Kit Packer to join us?

We, as the only Evangelicals at St. John's Shaughnessy at that date, were the first to ask him & Kit to join us in the 1970s. I had met Dr Packer at several ANiC synods, and was sitting beside him at an ANiC course in Vancover and asked him if he would lay hands on me & prayer for me.

Who were the Packers?

The Packers were a lower–middle-class family with a nominal Anglican faith, faithfully attending nearby St. Catharine’s Church but never talking about the things of God or even praying before meals.

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