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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Safari browser be used with Windows?

Just as Internet Explorer is the default browser on Windows 10, Safari is the default browser for Max OS X and is now available for Windows users as well. Due to the ever-growing tech-fueled environment, the demand for easy-to-use web browsers has been on the rise.

What is Safari browser for Windows?

Safari Browser for Windows is a web browser developed by Apple and designed to bring you a beautiful browsing experience. It has been abandoned by Apple in 2012, so it's deprecated and not recommended for daily use. We recommend using an up to date web browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

What is the Kiwi app?

The Kiwi app is a Q&A social network that connects to your Facebook account or simply works with an email address. You can ask questions of your friends and other people in the community. You can also answer questions that people ask everyone on the network.

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