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Frequently Asked Questions

What is kiwico?

At KiwiCo, we design award-winning, hands-on STEM kits for kids ages 3-16+. We deliver them by mail and call them crates. Each crate explores a new concept in science, technology, or engineering in a fresh way that's seriously fun & profoundly enriching.

What age is Kiwi Co for?

by KiwiCo. Kiwi was designed specifically for children ages 5-8 and includes science activities, arts and crafts, imaginative play and more. Doodle builds confidence and creativity in kids ages 9-16+. Tinker encourages hands on learning and experimentation in science and engineering for kids ages 9-16+.

Why kiwico science kits for kids?

With a new interactive experience each month, you can have your kids looking forward to learning like they never have before. KiwiCo’s monthly science kits for kids can inspire a lifelong interest in STEAM that opens doors for creativity and innovation. Over 10 Million Crates of Fun...

How much does kiwico cost per month?

Try a capillary action experiment and build a balancing tree game! Delivered every month and starts at $17.50 a month, with free shipping in the U.S.! crates of fun... and counting! Check out #KiwiCo for tons more amazing creativity and serious fun.

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