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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate Windows 10 using KMS auto?

Run the KMS Activator installer then it will automatically start the KMS patch. Complete the KMS Activator patch installation. Press the Red button and wait for the success sound or message. Restart your computer. Done [enjoy with fully activated windows and office permanatly].

How do I use KMSAuto Net to activate Windows 10?

How to use KMSAuto Net? Using the activator is very simple (especially in automatic mode). First, you need to download KMS activator from our website. Then simply open the archive of the program. Right-click on the executable file and select «Run as administrator». If you do not do that, the program will not be able to add a license key.

Is KMS auto a safe download?

Yes, KMSAuto Net is completely safe to use as before uploading it I also tested it using VirusTotal and other scanners. Although your Antivirus may still consider it as a virus because it is blacklisted in their directory and that’s why I recommend first disable Antivirus before using it.

What are the benefits of using KMS auto?

It works well with Microsoft products and has multiple enhanced versions. The KMSAuto net, for instance, can activate both Microsoft windows ad any of its Office version starting from 2010 to 2016. The advantage with this application is that it is absolutely legal and was created specifically for the Microsoft corporate software segment.

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