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Frequently Asked Questions

Is KompoZer the HTML editor you need?

If you dislike that achy, bloated feeling that other HTML editors can give your computer, KompoZer may be the freeware cure you're looking for. An open-source Web development tool built on the NVU architecture, KompoZer aims to improve upon the NVU's bugginess.

What is KompoZer?

- Support's development and hosting KompoZer is an easy-to-use web editor similar to Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

How do I download and install KompoZer?

Click on the “Download Kompozer” button and your download should start automatically. Once downloaded successfully, you can then install and use. Active development has stopped on this project and this version of Kompozer is an initial updated version before development took a pause on the project.

Is KompoZer better than a site manager?

A Site Manager, including File tree, is anchored on the left, although it can be collapsed, and the WYSIWYG standard means that KompoZer can compete more than adequately with other, better-known editors. Currently packaged with Portable Apps, KompoZer's exposure seems to be growing.

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