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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Parc de la Villette?

The EEPV (Establissment Public du Parc de La Villette) wanted a park which is an important part of metropolitan area, no longer an entrance point for the city. It also should be a symbol of modernism and innovation. They determined three main consepts.

Who is the architect of La Villette?

The 1982 competition to design the park, won by the Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi, attracted more than 450 proposals from around the world seeking to envision “a park for the twenty-first century.” Built on the site of a former slaughterhouse, La Villette was designed to be a continuation, rather than a rejection, of the city.

How did Tschumi design Parc de la Villette?

Unlike other entries in the competition, Tschumi did not design the park in a traditional mindset where landscape and nature are the predominant forces behind the design . Rather he envisioned Parc de la Villette as a place of culture where natural and artificial are forced together into a state of constant reconfiguration and discovery.

What makes La Villette so special?

An award-winning project noted for its architecture and new strategy of urban organization, La Villette has become known as an unprecedented type of park, one based on “culture” rather than “nature.”

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