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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a jacket over a dress?

Simple and sleek, this jacket can be worn over just about any dress. Pair this one with a pretty lace dress. Need some more warm-weather outfit ideas?

What are the best Jackets to wear with dresses?

Shop the best jackets to wear with dresses below. Whether double or single-breasted, khaki or olive green, a wool coat will allow you to bundle up without overpowering your dress of choice. For an evening out, opt for an oversized wool coat that sweeps the hemline of your ribbed, silk, or knit dress to add a classy note to your look.

How do you match a coat with a dress?

The look is lengthening, as it draws your eye from the hem of the jacket to the hem of the dress. There are few things as uniquely satisfying as wearing a chic, matching set (IMO), and this particularly applies to jacket and dress sets. Pairing a dress with an identically colored or patterned coat makes for an ideal outfit.

How to wear a jacket with a body-hugging dress?

Throw it over a body-hugging dress for an urbane and elegant look. Whatever jacket you choose to wear with your dress, there are a few things that you must pay special attention to. Cropped jackets are used to flatter your waist. Longer lengths and loose cuts are used to draw attention to the silhouette of the dress.

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