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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CANVAS app for OCPs?

Canvas Parent App The Canvas Parent app is a streamlined mobile application that allows parents or guardians to have access to important class information (Calendar, Assignments, and Announcements) right at their fingertips. The Canvas Parent app is available for OCPS parents using iOS or Android devices.

How do I sign in to Launchpad?

Sign in to LaunchPad Username Password Code (optional) Sign In AutologinSign in with Google Or sign in using: Sign in with Quickcard ClassLink Help Browser Check Privacy

What digital resources are available to OCPs families?

There are several important digital resources that are available to OCPS families. They are the main portals to our digital classrooms. This is where students access instructional software, textbooks, and more. This is how teachers and students communicate regarding school assignments. This is where teachers post student attendance and grades.

How do I login to online Certified Payroll Systems (OCPs)?

Welcome to Online Certified Payroll Systems! If you are a new user and have not been granted access to OCPS, you can complete the attached PDF form and send it to OCC for an ID: To log in, please enter your UserID and password.

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