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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learning Ally's audiobook app?

Learning Ally's Audiobook App Learning Ally Audiobooks, our award-winning reading app, is designed for students who learn through listening. Students who have a reading deficit, are blind, visually impaired or have a physical disability receive equitable access to grade-level content at their fingertips.

How do students get access to audiobooks?

Students receive unique login credentials, allowing them to download any of our more than 80,000 audiobooks to their personal online bookshelf, giving them 24/7 access to our game-changing assistive technology.

What is the human-read audiobook app?

Human-read audiobooks plus highlighted text transform reading and learning into a multisensory experience. The app makes it easy to follow along by highlighting words as they are read to enhance comprehension, vocabulary and fluency. Want to use our award-winning reading app?

Why should I use a human-read audiobook solution?

With an extensive library of high quality, human-read audiobooks, student-centric features and a suite of teacher resources, our solution provides equitable access to your curriculum in a format struggling readers can easily absorb, allowing them to achieve their academic potential.

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