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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Loren's body after the accident?

His lower body had been crushed in the accident and Loren made the brave decision to have hemicorperectomy surgery where everything below his waist was amputated. Loren said: 'They thought my lower extremities were still salvageable.

What happened to Loren Schauers?

Loren Schauers was working at a Wilsall, Montana, bridge-rehabilitation construction site in September 2019 when, veering to avoid a car as it illegally passed by him, he drove his forklift too close to the edge and the ground beneath him crumbled.

How did Loren Schauers survive forklift truck accident?

A teenager has defied the odds by surviving a horrifying forklift truck accident that left him needing urgent surgery to amputate the bottom half of his body. Loren Schauers, 19, was driving the industrial truck across a bridge when he veered off, plummeted 50ft and found himself pinned to the ground beneath the massive vehicle.

What happened to Loren on the bridge?

The single lane was dramatically narrowed and as one car passed him, Loren veered too close to the bridge edge and the ground crumbled beneath him. He attempted to jump from the falling forklift but his leg got trapped by the seatbelt, swinging him from the machinery as it plummeted 15 metres down a steep hill.

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