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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mangahigh?

What is Mangahigh? Mangahigh is a digital game-based learning resource designed to help teachers teach maths and coding. Used by over 5,000 schools in 50+ countries, Mangahigh content is aligned to various international curricula and uses AI to personalise learning.

How much does Mangahigh cost per student?

They can also upgrade to Mangahigh Plus for an annual license of around $5 per student. This plan includes full access to 100% of their content, analytics and personalized learning pathways for students. There are volume based discounts, so an annual license for 500 students would end up costing $2000 or $4 per student.

Is Mangahigh a good place to learn mathematics?

Mangahigh is a good place to learn mathematics, especially for kids. We all know that most kids don't like studying, especially hard mathematics. But when games are introduced into learning, it makes it seem more enjoyable for kids. The best feature about this site is the adaptability of questions.

How does Mangahigh support teachers?

Built by a team of education experts, Mangahigh supports teachers in providing a unique learning experience for each student through our AI algorithm and curriculum-aligned content.

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