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Frequently Asked Questions

Is manganese a metal or nonmetal?

Gold, Manganese and Barium are metal, as these are solids,shiny,ductile and malleable. Sulrfer is non metal as it is not malleable, somewhat brittle, bad conductors of electricity and heat, and it gets electrons in chemical reaction. Silicon is metalloid as its properties lie midway between metals and non metals.

What element has 15 protons?

By referring to a periodic table or table of elements, we see that phosphorus (symbol P) has an atomic number of 15. Thus, each atom has 15 protons. The mass number of the ion is 15 + 16 = 31. Because the ion has 15 protons and 18 electrons (three more electrons than protons), its net charge is 3-.

How to find the number of neutrons in manganese?

Number of neutrons = atomic mass - atomic number. The atomic number of manganese is 25 and its atomic mass is 54.94 (~ 55). Thus, the number of neutrons in a manganese atom are 30 (= 55-25).

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