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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MannKind a biopharmaceutical company?

MannKind Corp. MannKind Corp. is a biopharmaceutical company. It focuses on the discovery, development and, commercialization of therapeutic products for diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. The company was founded by Alfred E. Mann on February 14, 1991 and is headquartered in Westlake Village, CA.

How did Mankind Pharma come into existence?

Mankind Pharma came into existence in 1991, when it was formed into a legal corporation. Mankind Pharma actively started its operations in 1995. It started working as a fully integrated pharmaceutical company with the contributions of two brothers, Ramesh C. Juneja and Rajeev Juneja.

Will Mankind Pharma be sold to Mauritius-based private equity investors?

Competition Commission has given its green signal to the proposed 11 percent stake sale in Mankind Pharma to two Mauritius-based private equity investors. The Delhi-based firm, which manufactures various over-the-counter products including condoms, said the new facility would produce bulk APIs.

What is Mankind Pharma's new family support policy?

With the launch of this new policy, the company intends to support the families of its employees amid the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Mankind Pharma said in a statement. The company plans to start releasing the money with immediate effect and hopes to complete it within three months, Mankind Pharma said in a statement.

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