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Frequently Asked Questions

What does McCann Worldgroup mean?

{{description || 'McCann Worldgroup is a leading global marketing services company with an integrated network of advertising agencies in over 120 countries'}} Skip to main content McCann Worldgroup

What is mw McCann?

McCann Worldgroup (MW) was formed in 1997 as the parent company of McCann and several other agencies, including MRM//McCann and Weber Shandwick.

When did McCann change its name to MRM?

In January 1997, under the leadership of Stan Rapp, who joined as head of the company in 1996, McCann Direct changed its name to McCann Relationship Marketing (MRM). This name change corresponded with the formation of McCann Worldgroup. In 2001, MRM merged with Zentropy Partners and became MRM Partners.

Who is McCann Erickson?

Since foundation in 1912 McCANN Erickson has made a name for itself in more than 120 markets with its positioning “Truth well told”. When Truth is well told it has the power to move people, brands and markets.

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