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Why is 42 the answer to the meaning of life?

This brings us back to Deep Thought’s answer. Deep Thought answers in the only language it knows, it says “42” giving life an equivalent meaning to that of a variable or wildcard. In essence, Deep Thought is saying that the meaning of life is whatever you want it to be. 42 = life is what you make of it.

Why is 42 the answer to everything?

One of the drawings found in an atomic fallout shelter on Jikthroom Beta, as seen in the opening of Episode 5 of the TV series. 42 (or forty-two) is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. This Answer was first calculated by the supercomputer Deep Thought after seven and a half million years of thought.

What is so important about 42?

Title 42 is a clause of the 1944 Public Health Services Law that "allows the government to prevent the introduction of individuals during certain public health emergencies," said Olga Byrne, the immigration director at the International Rescue Committee.

What is the answer to everything is 42?

Seen in this way, 42 is indeed the ultimate answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. Seen secular, however, 42 is two integer digits following two integer digits and preceding two other integer digits. Seniors using loophole to save for retirement.

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