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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of getting a syndicated loan?

Formally, the term “syndication” is defined as the process whereby the contractual lending commitment is split up and transferred to lenders. The issuer of the loan – i.e. the borrower – negotiates the preliminary terms and eventually settles on the structure of the financing transaction with an appointed “arranging bank”.

What are the risks associated with a syndicated loan?

The main goal of syndicated lending is to spread the risk of a borrower default across multiple lenders or banks, or institutional investors, such as pension funds and hedge funds. Because syndicated loans tend to be much larger than standard bank loans, the risk of even one borrower defaulting could cripple a single lender.

What are the advantages of a syndicated loan?

There are many benefits to a syndicated loan. In addition to providing more capital than a sole lender can provide, a syndicated loan can help streamline your financing and allow you to access a greater pool of capital more efficiently. It can also be a precursor to larger capital-market transactions (e.g., bonds or IPOs).

What is the process of syndicating a loan?

Loan syndication is a process that involves multiple banks and financial institutions who pool their capital together to finance a single loan for one borrower. There is only one contract and each bank is responsible for their own portion of the loan.

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