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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dreams and do they have meaning?

10 most common dreams: What it means if you dream of: Losing your teeth. This type of dream is often interpreted as a death announcement, which is nothing but symbolic in reality. Driving a car. The car represents our body (the vehicle of our soul) and driving represents our evolution in life. ... Flying (in an airplane) This reveals that we're in an important time of change. ... More items...

What are the manifest meanings of Dreams?

The manifest content of a dream is the actual literal content and storyline of the dream. This is usually contrasted with what is referred to as the latent content or hidden meaning of the dream. For example, imagine that you have a very vivid dream that you fly out your bedroom window and soar around your city.

What are some types of Dreams and their meanings?

Nightmare. Possibly the most widely known type of dream, a nightmare is the mind's way of venting out the negative feelings, fears and stress you have in the form of a dream. Nightmares present themselves as a scary story or scenario, which terrifies and induces dread. Often, you might wake up in panic or fear.

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