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Frequently Asked Questions

What does all road signs mean?

(plural road signs) A sign for the control of traffic or the information of drivers. The road signs on motorways are particularly clear and well lit at night.

What are the meaning of driving signs?

Sign and Drive means that you simply sign for covered services at the time of a breakdown up to the amount of coverage that you selected. Classic and Advantage are the two levels of Sign and Drive Roadside Assistance available.

What are the different types of traffic signs?

An important type of traffic signs are traffic lights. As with traffic signs, there are various types of lights that indicate different things intended to keep drivers and others sharing the road safe. There are four different types of traffic lights: Progressive, Traffic Activated, Timed and Pedestrian Activated.

What are the different types of street signs?

The Vienna Convention laid out eight specific categories of road signs to be adopted by all nations. These categories, called A-H, include danger signs, priority signs, prohibitive signs, mandatory signs, special regulation signs, information signs, direction, position or indication signs, and a catch-all category of additional panels.

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