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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Means-End Theory of thinking?

This unifying thinking framework is called means-end, as in a means to an end. Well-grounded in academic research and marketing literature, means-end theory asserts that people make choices in specific situations in a manner that taps into four dimensions:

What is the meaning of means to an end?

Definition of a means to an end : something done only to produce a desired result For her, marrying a rich man was just a means to an end. All she really cared about was money. Learn More About a means to an end

What is means end analysis (MEA)?

Means End Analysis (MEA) is a problem-solving technique that has been used since the fifties of the last century to stimulate creativity. Means End Analysis is also a way of looking at the organisational planning, and helps in achieving the end-goals. With Means End Analysis, it is possible to control the entire process of problem solving.

What is a means-end analysis?

Looking at the whole it can seem a little overwhelming and most of us get lost, depressed, or even frustrated. Using a means-end analysis is basically looking at a goal, starting point, and the best way to get from point A to point B by breaking down the list or problems to make them more doable in our lives (Newell & Simon, 1972).

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