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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medial temporal region?

The medial superior temporal (MST) area is a part of the cerebral cortex, which lies in the dorsal stream of the visual area of the primate brain. The MST receives most of its inputs from the middle temporal (MT) area, which is involved primarily in the detection of motion.

What are the side effects of temporal lobe surgery?

Surgery: A temporal lobectomy, an operation usually removes only the abnormal part of the temporal lobe. In about 70% patients, temporal lobectomy is successful, with low complication rates. Side effects of temporal lobectomy are loss of memory, and emotional change, visual disturbances related with the removal of brain tissue.

What is the function of the left temporal lobe?

Left temporal lobe function in particular is critical for the understanding and use of language, as that lobe is home to Broca and Wernicke's areas. The temporal lobes are located at the sides of the brain, and can be considered the "middle" region of each brain hemisphere.

What is the middle temporal lobe?

The temporal lobes are the areas of the brain that most commonly give rise to seizures. The mesial portion (middle) of both temporal lobes is very important in epilepsy — it is frequently the source of seizures and can be prone to damage or scarring.

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